Matthew Zuber


Mirrors are one of the most important tools we have in our lives. We use them to examine how we are presented to the world around us. When we neglect to examine our reflection, we end up overlooking the smear of lunch on our cheek, the stain on our shirt, or the hair that refuses to stay put. Sometimes it shows us that what we have tried to put together for our outfit just doesn’t work. As important as it is to have a mirror to examine our physical appearances, we need one to help us examine our innermost parts even moreso. That is my goal in engaging with those who are under my care – to reflect back to them what they are showing. The intent is to shed light on blindspots, highlight the strengths, and ultimately equip people to engage with the parts of themselves that are proving disruptive. I strive to do this through reflective listening, sharing observations, and collaborating a method of approach for maneuvering the inner self.