Matthew Zuber

Spiritual Care Director

My name is Matthew Zuber and I love getting to come alongside people as they go through challenges. Having the opportunity to listen to, encourage, reflect what I hear, and ultimately walk alongside someone is always an honor, and I love getting to see how God works in people’s lives during these difficult seasons.

I have been actively following the Lord since my teen years which led me to study at Mulntomah University in Portland, Oregon where I received a Bachelors of Theology and a Master’s of Divinity. During my time studying I was blessed by experiencing Scripture come more and more alive. This has been pivotal in my personal journey, and continues to impact me daily. My time learning about God’s Word and how to care for people well has been instrumental in developing my ability to minister well.

I have worked in ministry settings across the past eleven years, which include working at camps, in youth groups, men’s groups, and in international missions contexts. All of these experiences have taught me patience, to listen thoroughly, ask questions and how to encourage people. Having to navigate a variety of cultures, contexts, and situations has instilled in me the value of seeing people as people first, with challenges, behaviors, actions, and everything else
coming second.

In providing spiritual care, my goal is to act as a mirror – reflecting what I hear, sharing observations of what I see, and labeling emotions. The goal of this is to help you understand where you truly are, and then to invite God into those deep places. Inviting him into the deepest and most intimate parts of your life will bring change. I would love to walk alongside you through this process, offering encouragement, pointing to Scripture, and supporting you in any way I

A favorite Bible verse of mine that consistently challenges me is Psalm 37:8, “Refrain from anger and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.” That second part always gets me. It essentially says, “Don’t worry, because that only results in harm.”

I look forward to hearing from you!